ClickLearn fundamentals Thursday, Aug 29 2019 08:30AM EDT

ClickLearn Fundamentals

This is a 1-2 hour webinar, were we will go through the main features in ClickLearn, required for getting you started properly.

Please make sure that you have at least one license installed and ready to use together with the relevant application.


1. Recording with ClickLearn

2. Producing your content

3. Editing the steps

4. Chapters & Notes

5. Books & Shelfs

6. Misc

The goal is to provide:

- Refresher training to the few individuals that already attended a session

- Training for the new team members that have agreed to develop training content

- Answer questions

Presented by

Lars Heinrich

Lars Heinrich

Training Manager


  • Candace Orie
  • Christiane Thompson
  • Marcin Kołaczyk
  • Nigel Dennington
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