Online private session Thursday, Feb 20 2020 09:30AM EST

How to use ClickLearn Replay + Automated Process Testing

In this session, we will go through the Replay functionality of ClickLearn, including the basic Replay functions, testing with Replay and test scripts. During the webinar we will cover how to manage and prepare data for replay and how to use an Excel sheet as your data source. The webinar is suited for ClickLearn authors who wants to learn how to use Replay to automatically update and translate their existing work instructions with ClickLearn. We will also cover ClickLearn's Automated Process Testing capabilities.

Participants are required to have basic understanding of recording and editing with ClickLearn.

Presented by

Lars Heinrich

Lars Heinrich

Training Manager


  • Aldona Stec
  • John Hawkins
  • Justin Bassett
  • Kevin Richardson
  • Line Hedegaard Larsen
  • Mads Gundestrup
  • Mary Dupree
  • Przemyslaw Wegrzyn
  • Renske Hoogendoorn
  • Suzie Moore
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